Moths on the Mountain

My friend Claire has come for a weekend visit.  She travels alot.  I never know where her cell calls are coming from when she leaves a voice mail.   When I return her messages, she is generally in some other state than the one from which she originally called.  If she were Buddhist, I would call her a Dharma traveler.   But she really just travels for business rather than spiritual insight.  Luckily she is naturally spiritually insightful.

Well she has left and headed back to Cape Cod, her home ground.  Mine too before I came to the mountains.   As I transform my living room’s temporary setting as a bedroom back into its original form, I notice something fluttering by the back door.  A small moth is struggling at the window pane trying to fly out.  It is restrained by the glass.

I open the back door and guide the moth out into the fresh, early morning air.  And suddenly I am filled with the sense of gratitude.  I have just set a Boddhisattva free.  I smile and the sensation of compassion wells up within me. 

“Let all beings be free!”

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