What if we were truly happy?


All of the joy and pain we go through, all of our highs and lows, when realized, have no ground: they are our friends.  Don’t try to stop the pain, don’t try to be happy.  Be free of all hope and fear.  Samsara is not to be shunned.  It is basically good.

Gyalwa Gotsangpa’s Eight Cases of Goodness not to be Shunned.


 When we find ourselves struggling with stress, anxiety or tension, we believe things would be better for us if we could make such negative experiences go away.  This struggle and focus on letting go of negativity keeps our attention on the belief we are not happy.  Yet we have it turned around.   We are making stress, anxiety and tension so much bigger than it really is, even if such a viewpoint is supported by our observations and experiences! 

What if we began focusing on the peace than fills the spaces between our thoughts?   What if our efforts were focused on positivity? Why then our experience of stress, anxiety, and tension would surely diminish!  Would we not be happy then?

Sadly no.  We would find ourselves struggling to maintain those momentary eclipses of joy.  We would fixate on them.  We would berate our meditation skills for not being good enough to sustain our “liberation” from stress and negativity.  We would not be happy with our moments of bliss and joy. 

Let yourself become hopeless, let yourself become fearless.  Negativity, stress and struggle are the same thing as positivity, joy and peace.  They are both empty of existence, no need to fixate on diminishing one or increasing the other.

Realize that negativity and positivity are mirror images of the same reflection, added together: they cancel one another out.  When you are empty of the struggle to release the one and the striving for the other, you become truly happy.


Keep meditating,  and whatever shows up, keep letting it go!

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