What remains when thoughts fall away?

Meditation is a little bit like stepping into a beautiful, serene pond.  We don’t know quite how far we will allow ourselves to enter.  We feel the stability of our feet in the sandy bottom, the calm coolness of the water as we venture further and deeper.  We hear the sounds of birds, we feel a gentle breeze on our face and the coolness of the pond.  We hear sounds around us, see clouds overhead. 

As we go deeper and deeper into the water, we allow ourselves to immerse deeper into our experience of the pond.  Any yet, as serene and as inviting as this experience is, we still hold onto our conscious experience of being in the pond.  We experience this pond in our minds as separate from ourselves.  It is an experience we believe we are having.

As we near the deeper edges of the pond, the water is now up to the level of our chests, our feet become even more sensitive to the sandy bottom.  We detect the drop off point.  Our toes tell us we are there; one step further and our feet will no longer be our supports.  Yet how easy to take that last step into the depths of the pond. 

Our feet rise as we lay back.  Floating on our backs, our experience changes subtly.  We close our eyes and become aware of the sensation of floating, floating.  Floating, rising gently, dipping slightly.  We float on the surface of the pond, as awareness floats on the surface of our conscious minds. 

 Thoughts dissolve away, no need for thoughts when our attention is on the sensation of floating.  There is no distinction between the water and our bodies.   A sound arises, what it is we are not inclined to say.  We feel we are no longer having an experience of the pond, we have become the experience itself.   No boundaries, no edges, no pond, no independent self.

Open eyes, sensation expands.  Close eyes, sensation enfolds.   Noises, smells, sounds blend into a fluid awareness.  As sounds arise we notice there is a beginning, a middle, and an end as the sounds fall away.  No desire to name it.

Awareness without conscious thought, who cares to hold onto anything?

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