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We have the habit of repeating our behaviors over and over while desperately wishing we could change.  We are all familiar with moods, feelings, and emotions.  Some emotions take us by surprise and others are so familiar we barely notice we are having them.  Strong emotions have a sense of “carrying us away” and making us feel out of control.  This can be as joyous as falling in love or as devastating as the despair of losing a loved one. 

 As human beings we are capable of feeling a wide range of emotional reactions.  We can take many of these emotions in stride, but there are some that surge so powerfully we become overwhelmed.  Many of us regret actions we took when we felt a powerful emotion.  For example, anger and frustration may cause us to treat others cruelly or impatiently.  Later we may try to reconcile with those we have reacted to so impulsively.  We may be immobilized when we are flooded with joyfulness – trusting it so little; we act as though its cause never happened. 

Emotions are energy.  Regardless of the biochemical that shapes their forms or the events that precede their expression, these waves of feeling are vibrational energy.  This is a very important way to view physical sensations.  Energy flows through a circuit.  Your body is the circuit that gives ground to this energy.  What happens when you experience a surge of energy depends on which bio-chemical the vibration rides.   As you recognize the sensation – you tend to give it a name.  Perhaps anger!

 Most of us judge our emotions.  Sadness feels bad, we don’t want it. Joy feels great, let’s have more of it.  The energy of our life force has no qualitative measure; it can be mild, generous or intense. Yet it is merely information.   Transforming energy is a powerful skill that takes a lot of practice.  The good news is this: LIFE is always giving us opportunity to learn this skill.

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