Of Rabbits and Ravens

 I am sitting in meditation in the morning.  The sun has risen high above the ridgeline of the mountain.  The windows are open and a breeze filters through.  Suddenly I hear something that sounds like an animal screaming.   I look outside the window and see a large raven attacking baby bunnies as they are hopping across the street.  One makes his escape into the underbrush of the field.  The other runs back into the street, terrified.   The raven pursues grabbing at the bunny with its talons.  The bunny screams in terror. 

I run out into the yard, “hey… hey!”  I wave my arms.  I pick up a stone and fling it in the direction of the raven.  “Buzz off!” 

The raven flies into a near by tree to escape the throwing reach of the crazy human.  The bunny escapes to the underbrush.

Another Boddhisattva rescue!

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