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Some of these techniques are ancient, some are cutting edge from the field of Mind Body Medicine.  What’s important is that you can select from a number of options and begin using these techniques right away. 


Pass the word around!  We are giving away valuable techniques and workshops that help get you started on relieving stress.   Our focus is on cultivating inner peace.   We are helping you move beyond merely reducing the effects of stress by transforming it into tranquility and life direction.   These are difficult times.  We believe when you begin to use our basic techniques and see the results, you will be back to book our workshops, training seminars and on-line workshops.

Check out our Free Tools to Awaken your Body Mind!


The Meditation Sanctuary

meditation waterfall    Choose from a variety of streaming audio meditations and inspirational videos.  Many are downloadable.   Instrumental or guided meditations help you develop a practice or learn a new technique.   The streaming videos are directly linked to our Vimeo Channel, The Tranquility Zone.

Leave us a message or comment!   Tell us what you like or don’t like!   We’d love to hear from you.






Download a Meditation Timer    


Meditation timer


Use this convenient downloadable meditation timer that is both PC and MAC friendly.   It is both a Meditation Timer and Awareness Reminder right on your desktop.  Begin and end your meditation with the  gentle sound of Tibetan Bowls.






Awareness Reminder

Switch to Random Reminder and the Timer will ring randomly to remind you to meditate during your day!  You set the time and it will choose a couple minutes before or after your setting.

Take a break, rest your mind, choose one one the meditations in the sanctuary or purchase a download in the Meditation Hall!


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