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Free Downloadable Meditation Timer/Reminder

Tibetan Bowl

Gain a moment of peaceful meditation during your busy day.   Use this free PC or MAC friendly application to time your meditation or as a periodic reminder to summon mindfulness.

Have you ever tried to meditate and lost track of time?  You probably know that using a kitchen timer or regular clock can be very ineffective when meditating.    Here is a helpful way to time your meditations at your desktop computer.   Take a few minutes out of your busy day to meditate, refresh your mind and body, lift your spirits and feel more positive even in the midst of stress and daily demands.

Use your computer to keep track of meditation time.  Set the REMINDER to alert you to your planned meditation breaks.  When meditating, set the TIMER for the length of time you wish to meditate.  Use at work or at home, on-line or download to your computer.  The TIMER / REMINDER alerts you with the gentle sound of a Tibetan Bowl.

The Meditation Timer  is free for personal, non-commercial use:

Download Timer below:

Meditation Timer

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