Meditation Sanctuary

at The Mindstream

  Join us in the Sanctuary for a collection of guided meditations, instrumentals to deepen your contemplative moments and video meditations to inspire your mind.



Our Guided Meditations have been used for over twenty years for health, well-being, inspiration and spiritual development.  We have used biofeedback to test their effectiveness at lowering heart rate and muscle tension, and respiration rates while improving self appreciation, lovingkindness and inner peace.   Many people have used our guided imagery  to improve  pre -and post surgery recovery, chronic pain, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Learn to relax or meditate using these guided meditations.


Our Instrumental music has also undergone over ten years of testing with biofeedback and been used in many clinical settings to help improve relaxation skills and reduce clinical symptoms. 


Our Meditation Videos are delightfully relaxing and informative.  They can be used to develop a meditation practice, as well.


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