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What does it mean to live an Inspired Life?


Most of us would like to feel we are living the life we were meant to live.   We somehow lose touch with that life because our day to day responsibilities have taken “center stage.”    Stress somehow takes hold of our lives and we feel as though peace eludes us.

What if I said that stress is a momentary distraction that prevents you from living an inspired life?   Would you believe me?  Would you be intrigued?   When we develop techniques that make us stress resilient, we can begin to open ourselves to the realization that inner peace dwells deep within us.   This tranquility and life purpose is knowable on a day to day, moment by moment basis.

When we cultivate ways to access this inner peace we can tap more fully into an inspired way of being in the world.    I have devoted the greater part of my life and years of clinical practice to helping people reduce the devastating effects of stress. These effects have worsened medical conditions and kept people in states of panic and depression, unable to move forward effectively in their lives.

Using mind body stress reduction techniques and biofeedback, I have helped hundreds of people reach higher levels of self awareness, determination and a commitment to wellness, not to mention the ability to live “their own inspired life.”

The good news is that these techniques are easy to master.   The simple practices I am introducing at this website, through on-line trainings, and in my newsletters will begin your journey to a place of deep inner tranquility.  The world and all of your relationships will look completely different from this vantage point.

Stop trying to manage stress, disappointment, and difficult relationships.   Join me at the mindstream and begin living an intentional life full of joy, inspiration, and happiness.  I won’t promise you that you will never experience stress.  What I can promise is that you can transform your life.  Learn to move beyond the stress that has been taking center stage in your life.

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