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We seek peace and tranquility outside ourselves so we are frequently disappointed in its lack of appearance in our lives.  Yet tranquility is deeply held within the body.  It is a felt sensation in which our minds, bodies, thoughts, and emotions have become so still we are able to connect with the mindstream in which the very energy of our life force is infused with compassion and intention. 
When we are connected with the deep inner resource of our mindstream and we live in accordance with the inner knowing that resides there we abide in the resilient strength of tranquility.  The process of mindstreaming is to move beyond the distractions of stress and enter the pristine realms of the higher self.   

Live more happily and freely, more naturally and from a place of deep inner wisdom and guidance.  This is an individual path.   It is supremely attainable.

To learn more about the concept of “stepping into the mindstream” please watch this short video. 




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