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Mindful Technology hosts several training studios that can be accessed when purchasing on-line training programs, biofeedback systems, workshops or seminar series.  

 When you purchase biofeedback systems from Mindful Technology you will receive access to our Private Training Studio where we include our Biofeedback Training Guides, Progress Trackers, Training Videos and downloadable/streaming relaxation training audio files.  Designed by a biofeedback specialist with over ten years of experience so you can work at your own pace.

 After your purchase, you will receive an email link and password to a private site that allows you to take the training you selected.   

 If you attended a lecture or seminar, or purchased one of our books that includes integrated learning, you will be given free access to selected Training Studios which will enhance your learning experience.


At the Mindstream you can progress at your own pace!

 Currently Available

Stress Relief Training Studio


When you purchase The Stress Relief Training Guide, you will receive access to the training studio where you can practice the techniques recommended in the book.  This represents a unique way to learn how to reduce stress and discover your inner strength. 



 In the Training Studio,  you will receive:

  1.  Instructions for practicing mood shifting
  2. Audio training for managing stress and mood such as negativity, anxiety, resentment, physical pain, and resignation. 
  3. Advanced instruction in awareness training to improve your approach to stress and redirect your moods to a more positive focus.


 Biofeedback Studio 101 


When you purchase the Skin Temperature Biofeedback Monitor

 You will learn valuable relaxation techniques, reduce anxiety, chronic tension and pain using a simple biofeedback device.  Learn how to use this technique from a biofeedback specialist who has used this technology for over ten years in her clinical practice, with great success. 


In the Training Studio,  you will receive:


  1. Downloadable Biofeedback 101 Training Guide
  2. Relaxation Tracker
  3. Access to a series of streaming audio training exercises.


  the emWave Studio


If you own or purchase the emWave Stress Relief System, from HeartMath, You can add on  a Private Training Studio option and learn more comprehensive methods for managing stress as well as developing key strategies for personal development including creativity and intuition.  When you use Mindful Technology’s Private emWave Training Studio, you learn how your heart rate variability can be trained to transform stress into inner peace.  

In the emWave Training Studio you will receive:

  1. Downloadable Heart Variability Training Guide with Mind Body Medicine Approach
  2. Training Videos
  3. Stressor Tracker
  4. Downloadable Awareness Timer
  5. Downloadable streaming audio techniques



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