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Consultant, Psychotherapist, Speaker

janet in officeJanet Doucette MA LMHC is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and skilled executive coach who has specialized experience in the integrative fields of mind body medicine, biofeedback and Buddhist/ mindfulness based psychotherapy. She provides evidenced based integrative wellness services for individuals and groups, locally in the Berkshires, and at distance using tele-counseling technology and her interactive website. She has over twenty years of experience helping people develop a deeper sense of well-being, improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Through her work as a former Life Management therapist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA,  faculty member at Canyon Ranch Institute and her private consulting company, Mindstream Biofeedback  & Consulting, she has helped executives, athletes, writers, and medical professionals develop optimal career performance that is balanced with emotional and physical well-being.

An expert in the field of stress resiliency and mind body medicine, Janet offers professional training, seminars and workshops for clinical practitioners.  Participants learn functional methods, tools and skillful means by which they can evoke growth, and the alleviation of suffering in client/patient populations.

 Janet teaches others how to transform stress into spirited opportunity.

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Speaking and Training

Janet presents dynamic multi-media Keynote Presentations which use illuminating case studies, music, visualizations and live biofeedback demonstrations that enhance group learning.  All presentations include articulate discussion of cutting edge techniques from the fields of mind body medicine and positive psychology, and include experiential group participation.  She presents on a variety of topics ranging from enhanced performance skill building, stress reduction, and meditation to creativity and the development of Intentional Insight.

Janet provides dynamic lectures and training for corporations, private businesses, universities and clinical agencies.  Her corporate training seminars utilize the Appreciative Inquiry change model within a strongly balanced didactic and experiential focused presentation style.

Janet is an insightful speaker who inspires, energizes , enlightens, and empowers her audiences.

Janet  is a member of HeartMath Institute, the Biofeedback Society of New England, and the Association for Spirit at Work.   


  • Mind Body Medicine, Meditation and Biofeedback
  • Effective Tools for Transforming Stress
  • Spirituality and Well-being
  • Buddhist Psychotherapy 


Corporate & Professional Associations

  • Intentional Insight Leadership Training
  • Biofeedback for Personal Peak Performance
  • Transforming Stress
  • Stress Resilience and Lifestyle Management

  Healthcare Professsionals & Clinical Training

  • Integrating Buddhist Psychotherapy with Clinical Practice
  • Mind Body Medicine and Biofeedback
  • Guided Imagery: Use in clinical and personal development applications
  • Spiritual Tools for Stress Resilience
  • Effective Mindfulness and Tranquility Meditation in clinical practice
  • Self Care for Practitioners
  • Using Mind Body Techniques to Balance Blood Sugar in Diabetes

Colleges & Universities

  • Stress Resilience and Lifestyle Management
  • Mindfulness and Tranquility Meditation Practice
  • Tools for living an Inspired and Empowered Life

  Medical Programs:

  • Mind Body Cancer Program
  • Beautiful Bones: Mind Body Osteoporosis Program
  • Mind Body Cardiovascular Awareness Training
  • Dancing with Diabetes: Mind Body Approach to living well with Diabetes

Women’s Retreats

  • Self Care Retreat for Women with Diabetes
  • Stress Resilience and Lifestyle Management
  • Spiritual Tools for Stress Resilience
  • Meditation and Intentional Insight Retreats
  • The Soulful Path
  • Seeing Tranquility
  • The Path of Inner Wisdom

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