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 Guided Imagery for Health & Wellbeing

Choose from a selection of biofeedback tested wellness imagery and visualizations that have been used for over ten years.  From Raynaud’s Syndrome, cancer, headaches and gastrointestinal issues to high blood pressure, tumor shrinking and pre/post surgery ,memory enhancement, and insomnia, these visualizations have been rated highly successful by patients in a number of health care settings.

Guided Imagery For Personal Development

Choose from a wide selection of personal development, spirituality and relaxation visualizations.  Receive spiritual guidance, a shamanic journey, chakra balancing, and deep mind/body relaxation.

Meditation Training

Choose from a variety of traditions in mindfulness, breath, or visual meditations that have been tested using biofeedback and shown to elicit the relaxation response.  

Silent Meditations

Choose from a series of timed silent meditations, ranging from five to forty-five minutes, mp3 format, downloadable to all devices including cell phones.  A combination of chimes, bells or temple gongs sound the beginning and ending of your silent meditation.   

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