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Stress Reduction:

Body Warmups – $3.00

Body WarmupsThis guided visualization helps you relax and begin to develop a healthy communication with your body.  Learn to use your mind-body connection to relax by warming up your fingers. Do this for about five meditation sessions. Useful for improving circulation, blood pressure, chronic pain and Raynaud’s Syndrome.  RUNTIME 10 minutes

Stress Remedy Breathing – $3.00

From time to time we may feel either too agitated or too relaxed in our meditation practice. The correct mindfulness practice is the ability to maintain a balance between “calmness” and “alertness.” Use this ten minute meditation practice to develop the use of a “remedy” breath technique when you notice feeling too tense or too sleepy when meditating. RUNTIME 10 minutes


Progressive Muscle Relaxation – $5.00

Progress Muscle Relaxation PracticeGuided imagery to help you to relax by focusing on one muscle group at a time. From head to toe, experience the gentle relaxing of tense muscles using the power of your mind body connection. RUNTIME: 17 minutes

Five Minute Focus – $ 3.00

Five Minute FocusThis simple practice helps you focus your breathing, reduce stress and open you to inner peace and self-acceptance. Use to de-stress quickly during your busy day. RUNTIME 5:00 minutes

Dolphin Breath  -$5.00

Hypnotic Imagery for improving  muscle relaxation and reducing anxiety. RUNTIME 15 minutesDolphin Breath



Stress Relief Imagery -$5.00

Stress Relief ImageryEnter a place of peace of contentment far away from sensations of stress, worry or frustration. Let the guide’s voice bring you to an inner landscape of resources and quietude. RUNTIME 18 minutes

 Health Affirmations – $3.00

Health Affirmations Affirmations are powerful messages of intention.  When repeated, the Unconscious Mind focuses on the postively oriented, present focused actions and relays them as conscious thoughts in your mind.  There are twenty-six affirmations in this audio recording.  Sit in a quiet space and listen with headphones.  After each affirmation there is a silent space for you to repeat the phrase in your mind or out loud, if you wish.  This is a wonderful way to begin or end your day.  RUNTIME 6:30 minutes

 Focused Awareness – $3.00

Focused AwarenessThis mindfulness lesson helps you enter your body’s mind by focusing your attention on your hands, feet, and breath. What distractions come up for you when you try to stay in your body? Do this selection for about two meditation sessions. RUNTME: 15 minutes.

Heart to Heart Synergy – $3.00

Heart to Heart SynergyHEART TO HEART SYNERGY is a very powerful imagery exercise which trains you to center focused awareness in your heart. Too often our wounded hearts beat too quickly as if to shield us from re-membered hurts that are in our past. Our hearts are capable of generating many different rhythms and resonate quickly to a slower, nurturing beat when imagining a loved one. Try this for about three sessions.  RUNTIME:  9:30 minutes

 Chronic Pain:


Breathwaves – $3.00

BreathwavesBreathwaves: : Allow waves of abiding calmness flow over your body as you breathe gently and naturally. RUNTIME 16 minutes


Peaceful Body – $3.00

Peaceful BodyThis autogenic visualization sends a powerful message to your body. It deepens your mind body awareness by heightening sensations of being warm and heavy … or … calm and relaxed. Your body truly understands the language of the mind. You can use these evocative statements during your day when you notice tension or stress. RUNTIME: 9 Minute


General Purpose:


The Healing Garden  – $.5.00

Garden Path and GateGentle hypnotherapy to generate intense healing throughout your body, mind and spirit. This selection was infused with Men Cho REIKI healing energy during its digital-laser recording. Enter the healing garden and receive powerful hypnotic instructions to heal physical, emotional, or spiritual suffering. Or, simply return to the original garden of creation in which your spiritual intentions are blessed by the waters of Supreme Spirit.  RUNTIME 21 Minutes

 Mindful Memory Enhancement – $5.00

Mindful Memory EnhancementUse mindful techniques to improve the quality of your memory. The use of physiological visualization along with mindful breathing enhances your brain’s ability to slow down, focus, and retain new memory information. RUNTIME 11:00 minutes

Immune System Healing Visualization – $5.00

Immune System HealingA gentle hypnotic visualization that guides you back to a time in which your body and immune system was completely whole and wise. Travel back in time and use mind body healing techniques to remember this wisdom, then move forward in time to use this inner knowledge to strengthen and heal your body’s immune system. Visit the healing waterfall and feel your body, mind and spirit re-weave its innate wisdom. RUNTIME 20 minutes.


For Sleep Improvement:

 Breathe the Night – $5.00

Breathe the Night Breathe Night is guided imagery and natural sounds to help you fall into a deep and restorative sleep. Alow your self to relax as you listen to the winds genlty caress the leaves in the trees accompanied by an orchestra of crickets. Our minds respond to natural environmental sounds, entraining to the vibrations of nature. Synthesized sounds of nature to do not create these melodic effects in the mind. RUNTIME 20 minutes  

Deep Sleep Hypnosis – $5.00

 Deep SleepThis hypnosis should be used when you can’t sleep.  Use it only at bedtime, never when driving. RUNTIME 20 Minutes


Complete Sleep (Self Hypnosis) – $3.00

Complete SleepCOMPLETE SLEEP includes autogenic imagery instructions that help facilitate sleep. Listen to the imagery and repeat the words to yourself if you are having trouble sleeping. RUNTIME 14:30 minutes



For Fatigue:


Energy Breather – $3.00

Energy BreatherWe are often fatigued by the concerns of our daily lives. When we feel burdened by the weight of our concerns and worries we may feel sad and turn to unhealthy ways of relieving those heavy feelings. What we really need is a moment of renewal – in which our body-minds can set aside fear and worry while gaining access to the river of energy that flows within us. Try this at least once per day if life is getting you down.  RUNTIME: 23:00 Minutes

Cancer and Tumors:


The Inward Journey – $5.00

Inward JourneyINWARD JOURNEY: Guided visualization to improve the immune system. Research from the filed of psycho-neuro-immunology and oncology has shown that creating powerful healing symbols in the mind has a strengthening effect on the immune system. Visualizing a strong and resilient immune system com augments traditional medical treatments. Use daily during treatments or afterward to support ongoing immune health.  RUNTIME: 12:48 Minutes

 Tumor Shrinking Visualization – $5.00

Tumor Shrinking ImageryUse this guided visualization to encourage your body mind connection to help shrink tumors in the body. Designed by a biofeedback and mind body medicine specialist who has worked with cancer survivors for nearly 20 years. RUNTIME 30 minutes





Pre-Post Surgery  Hip Replacement – $5.00

 Pre Post HipThis hypnotic medical imagery is helpful for those who are undergoing hip replacement surgery. Includes cues to reduce blood flow to the surgical field.  Listen to the  Pre-Hip Replacement imagery selection once per day for three days prior to your surgery. Runtime 20 minutes. Listen to the Post-Surgery Hip Replacement  selection after your surgery.   Practice the hypnotic guided imagery to help bring healthy blood flow back to the area of your surgery and to promote rapid healing. This medical guided imagery will help your recovery from hip replacement surgery. Twenty-four hours after your surgery, listen to this imagery once per day for 5 -7 days. RUNTIME 15 minutes.



Pre & Post Surgical Recovery Visualization – $5.00

Pre-post SurgeryThis download comes with two physiologically relevant guided visualizations to help you prepare for general surgery and for a healthy post operative recovery. Listen to Pre-Surgery Visualization for each of the three days prior to your surgery. Includes cues to reduce blood flow to the area of your surgery. Listen to the Post Surgery Visualization for three to four days after your surgery is completed. Wait at least 24 hours post surgery to begin this visualization. Includes cues to bring back healthy blood flow to the area of your surgery for healing and recovery.


 Gastro Intestinal Distress


Intentional Healing for Gastrointestinal Distress -$3.00

Intestinal HealingHypnotic  imagery for improving symptoms of Irritable or Inflamatory Bowel Disease and other gastrointestinal illnesses. Meditation Guide is Constance Wilkinson, MA LMHC.  Runtime 13 minutes.


Dietary Support and Mindful Eating

Fat Buddha Skinny Buddha —  $3.00

Fat Buddha Skinny BuddhaA gentle, relaxed approach to mindful eating. Bring your meditation practice to the table. Using a spiritual practice, you can expand your awareness to the process of eating, portion sizes and choice of healthy foods. RUNTIME: 13 minutes







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