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Medicine Buddha Visualization with Kunga Dechen – $5.00

Healing BuddhaIn this visualization, you arise from your meditation on your floating lotus cushion and and walk through a forest glade of flowers and fragrant scents to arrive at the Shrine of Bhaisajye, Medicine Buddha. Bring your intentions and requests to Medicine Buddha and experience his compassionate wisdom. He has vowed to remove all causes and conditions that prevent healing and to create the causes and conditions of well-being to arise without delay. Kunga Dechen has received the Medicine Buddha Empowerment from Lama Migmar Tseten of the Sakya lineage and she is honored to offer this visualization for healing.



Posture Instructions Meditation – $3.00

Posture Instruction Meditation

How we sit in meditation affects how well our minds and bodies settle into calm abiding. This meditation begins with a short instruction on a proper sitting posture and includes a period of silent meditation beginning and ending with the sound of gentle chimes. RUNTIME: 5 minutes

Mirror Lake Reflections -$3.00

Mirror LakeMirror Lake Reflections helps you deepen your mind body focus by using your breath. Many people have distracting thoughts while trying to practice meditation. Don’t be discouraged- practice! Every distraction is an opportunity to move deeper into awareness. Use this meditation often, especially if you find yourself frustrated when you try to meditate. RUN TIME 10 Minutes

 Lost River Repose -$3.00

Lost River Repose

Relax by the side of a mountain river cascade. Find peace and solitude in the moment from the strength of nature. RUNTIME 7 minutes.


Tranquility Meditation – $5.00

Tranquility MeditationThis Vajrayana Buddhist visualization helps you find the still point between agitation and mental dullness. Enter an experience of CALM ABIDING by focusing on a lotus blossom at the center of your heart and visualizing balls of light that flow upward to the stars and downward in the peaceful earth. Then expand this peaceful, calm presence into the enduring tranquility of Sky Lake. RUNTIME 16:30

Dissolving Mind Meditation- $5.00

Dissolving MindBegin by breathing diaphragmatically to the sound of the chimes and nature, then allow an image of nature to come into your mind. See it as it is, moving in the wind, flowing water, sun rising or setting, clouds moving. Nothing is stationary, all is moving… in your mind, just as it is in nature. The meditation will end after the Guide’s voice with the sound of a Tibetan bowl. RUNTIME 10 Minutes

Mindfulness Meditation -$5.00

Mindfulness Meditation PracticeLearn to see the true nature of your mind with these mindfulness instructions. Allow your awareness to develop a focus that is not “too tight” nor “too relaxed” so you can cultivate mindfulness. RUNTIME: 16:00 minutes

Rivers and Wind Meditation Practice -$3.00

Rivers and WindImmerse yourself in the sounds of nature as the flow of a river becomes the rustle of the wind. See if you can find the boundary between one and the other. As you practice your breathing meditation, find the point at which your breath becomes the sound of the wind and your mind begins to flow with the river.  RUNTIME 8:30 minutes


Tea Break Meditation – $3.00

Tea-Cup MeditationTake a ten minute mindfulness tea break. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down comfortably and listen to this meditation as you sip your tea. Mindfulness is the readiness and willingness to be present, right now. So focus all of your attentions on the sensations of drinking your tea allow you to really relax and enjoy ten minutes of just being present.

Nourishing Meditation – $3.00

Nourishing MeditationUse this mindful eating meditation daily when you eat a least one of your meals! Many of us eat quickly, forgetting to savor the taste of textures of our foods. We may experience heartburn, abdominal cramping, over-eating or under-eating. Our gastrointestinal systems need to be relaxed in order to absorb the nutrients in our food.

RUNTIME 10 minutes

Anahata – $5.00

AnahataANAHATA is the Sanskrit word for pure heart energy. In this meditation you will connect to the power of pure, inner knowledge (prajna) which opens the heart for self-love, healing and compassion for all living beings. RUNTIME 18 Minutes

Mountain Stream – $5.00

Mountain Stream MeditationMountain Stream is a Zen visualization practice that encourages you to enter both the stillness and the movement of a mountain stream. By allowing yourself to enter the sensation of being each essence of the experience, you are able to experience yourself – just as you are….. RUNTIME 11:30 minutes

Mountain Breath – $3.00

Mountain Breath MeditationThis meditation helps you develop a pattern known as the mountain breath. Use your diaphragmatic breathing technique. Inhale to the count of five full seconds…exhale to the count of five full seconds… now don’t inhale for five full seconds. Begin Again. The five seconds of stillness becomes a very expansive space. Try this meditation when you are very familiar with slow diaphragmatic breathing. RUNTIME : 6 Minutes

 Compassionate Understanding – $3.00

Compassionate UnderstandingWe are often disturbed by the insensitive actions of others. Our feelings hurt, we feel cast aside as if we are meaningless beings. These experiences have happened over and over again in our lives and they will continue to do so as long as we live. Many people have learned to deal with emotional pain by passing it along to others like a “hot potato.” This practice of compassionate understanding is quite valuable and has the ability to bring great peace and joy into your life. RUNTIME: 17 Minutes

Sounds and Silences -$3.00

Sounds and SilencesHow do we know the voice of our Soul? It is contained in moments of silence. Yet, we do not know how to listen within those silent moments for Soul’s own presence. Here is a recording of nature sounds, interspersed randomly with moments of silence. Listen with a meditative mind and learn to recognize the presence of your Soul. RUNTIME 6:30 minutes.

Lotus Mind Meditation – $5.00

Lotus giftWe only believe what we can understand. Our thoughts are born of those beliefs. And yet, we can transcend what we are capable of understanding. This meditation prepares the way to allow one’s mind to transcend the apparent reality of beliefs. Letting go of thoughts is the first step, letting go of the belief behind those thoughts becomes the path. RUNTIME 16:00 minutes.

The Compassion Meditation -$5.00

Compassion MeditationCompassion is a way of being in the world that is as life affirming as water. If you give away all of your compassion by being everything to everyone, you will soon be empty of energy – like an empty bucket. When we are giving too much away to others and giving nothing to ourselves, we feel resentful, annoyed, or frustrated. This 12 minute meditation includes a period of silence as you receive the Gift of Compassion. What you receive is personal and individually meaningful. Allow the space of silence to receive a gift of compassion. RUNTIME 12 minutes

Dissolving the Five Poisons – $3.00

Dissolving the Five PoisonsIn Buddhist psychology suffering is increased due to our automatic emotional reactions to daily life. Five emotions in particular, and associated variations, contribute to stress and negative thoughts and behaviors. These five destructive emotions are anger, jealousy, confusion, clinging, and arogance. It is difficult to eliminate these emotions with western therapeutic techniques. This gentle practice involves using one’s meditation posture itself and a energy technique to literally dissolve the emotions so one can experience a felt sense of peace and equinimity.

RUNTIME 10 minutes


Focused Awareness – $3.00

Focused AwarenessThis lesson in mindfulness teaches you to focus on the sensations in your body and mind. What distractions come up when you try to stay focused on your body? Notice thoughts disappear when your mind is focused on sensations. Use this practice to help reduce chattering or intrusive thoughts.





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