Compassion Meditation


Most people will sayI’m very compassionate I do everything for everybody!” or “I care a lot about other people.” But ask yourself this, Buddha crackledo you feel guilty when you indulge yourself? For example: many people claim they are so busy, they can’t possibly take even 10 minutes for a meditation break.

Self-compassion is extremely important for your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Practicing compassion for yourself will open new doors of extending deep compassion to others. How can you really give away to others what you have not given to yourself?

Compassion is a way of being in the world that is as life affirming as water. If you give away all of your compassion by being everything to everyone, you will soon be empty of energy – like an empty bucket. When we are giving too much away to others and giving nothing to ourselves, we feel resentful, annoyed, or frustrated.

This 12 minute meditation includes a period of silence as you receive the Gift of Compassion. What you receive is personal and individually meaningful. Allow the space of silence to receive!

If you find it difficult to give to yourself because you imagine that such an action is selfish, you may be experiencing misplaced guilt.  Think of it like this – when you extend kindness to yourself, you will soon feel full of compassion. This ever full, fountain of compassion will just naturally overflow to everyone.


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