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Janet Doucette (Kunga Dechen) holds a Master’s Degree in clinical counseling with a specialization in Mind Body Medicine and Health Psychology.  She combines the science of biofeedback with the wisdom of meditation for her clients and students.  She has been practicing meditation for over twenty-five years in a variety of forms.

“Meet the face behind the voice”

All of the audio imagery productions offered in the Meditation Sanctuary were designed and recorded by Janet in her Mindstreaming Sound Studio. 


True Nature

……To the swiftly flowing river, a clear light stream appears –

separate, distinct, unknowable

To the choppy waved lake, a still mirrored surface appears-

other, strange, unfamiliar

yet the clear light stream knows it is also a turbulent flowing river

and the still, calm lake is utterly familiar with wildly churning waves

 each is embedded in the other

until there is no other to speak of………

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