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Peace is the greatest freedom

We are held captive by our daily routines, unable to see the world as it truly is…  Our immersion into the appearances of things captivates us, so we cannot look past what appears to be going on.  Making a clear decision to step into a river of light and dropping all of our previous conceptions – opens us to freedom of thought, awareness, peace.   We begin to see and know the world as it truly is. 

Our lives are not as they appear to be.   Our thoughts emerge from the sparks of random life memories creating an artistic tableau from which we can create any number of apparent realities.   We are not very skilled at seeing the reality we are painting with those thoughts.  Memories of scarcity, emotional loss or pain invoke thoughts that illuminate the moment we are having. 

This moment, however it appears, is a luminous opportunity to be free of past thoughts, assessments, beliefs and yet – we do not skillfully seize it.  We repaint it with an older portrait.  It doesn’t matter whether it is the landscape of despair, loss and frustration or magnificent accomplishments, joy and success.    Its not this moment we are truly seeing.

Peace comes from not tagging the moment with any thought at all.  Thoughts are merely appearances.   When a thought arises, it is an opportunity to not participate with appearances.   Those random sparks of life experiences and memories are not really happening right now.  As thoughts surface, greet them.  Then let them pass through your clear mind on their way elsewhere.  The more you practice letting thoughts glide through your mind, the more peace you generate in the moment that is happening now.

What is this moment?  An fortuitous fragment of time offering freedom.  Do not try to hold it, it cannot be grasped.  Do not embed it as memory or it will return as an grand appearance or a thought.  Let this moment flow around you like a soft wind.  Don’t paint this moment with your thoughts for its true likeness will never surface again.

The peace that emerges from this awareness surpasses all understanding.  Another moment, just as precious and singular awaits.  Peace is truly the greatest freedom.

What remains when thoughts fall away?

Meditation is a little bit like stepping into a beautiful, serene pond.  We don’t know quite how far we will allow ourselves to enter.  We feel the stability of our feet in the sandy bottom, the calm coolness of the water as we venture further and deeper.  We hear the sounds of birds, we feel a gentle breeze on our face and the coolness of the pond.  We hear sounds around us, see clouds overhead. 

As we go deeper and deeper into the water, we allow ourselves to immerse deeper into our experience of the pond.  Any yet, as serene and as inviting as this experience is, we still hold onto our conscious experience of being in the pond.  We experience this pond in our minds as separate from ourselves.  It is an experience we believe we are having.

As we near the deeper edges of the pond, the water is now up to the level of our chests, our feet become even more sensitive to the sandy bottom.  We detect the drop off point.  Our toes tell us we are there; one step further and our feet will no longer be our supports.  Yet how easy to take that last step into the depths of the pond. 

Our feet rise as we lay back.  Floating on our backs, our experience changes subtly.  We close our eyes and become aware of the sensation of floating, floating.  Floating, rising gently, dipping slightly.  We float on the surface of the pond, as awareness floats on the surface of our conscious minds. 

 Thoughts dissolve away, no need for thoughts when our attention is on the sensation of floating.  There is no distinction between the water and our bodies.   A sound arises, what it is we are not inclined to say.  We feel we are no longer having an experience of the pond, we have become the experience itself.   No boundaries, no edges, no pond, no independent self.

Open eyes, sensation expands.  Close eyes, sensation enfolds.   Noises, smells, sounds blend into a fluid awareness.  As sounds arise we notice there is a beginning, a middle, and an end as the sounds fall away.  No desire to name it.

Awareness without conscious thought, who cares to hold onto anything?

The Way of the Mountain – Part Two



“For the mind that masters the view, the emptiness dawns.  In the content seen, not an atom exists.  A seer and seen, refined until they are gone.  This way of realizing the view, it works quite well.”       

 MILAREPA: “The Profound Definitive Meaning Sung on the Snowy Range”


When meditating a moment comes in which there is nothing to be seen, no thought to be had, no emotion to be felt.  Merely being.  What is this beingness? What fills this moment? No thing.  Who is doing the being?  No One.  Where did I go?  No where.  Only an empty mind remains.

Practice meditation until every thing drops away.  Now view that, why don’t you?

The Empty Mountain Report

When a person reaches the depths of despair, they feel empty of any feeling of goodness, empty of peace or gratitude.  This “terrible” condition indicates one is in the presence of one’s soul and  it is the beginning of great wisdom.  It can be said of such moments, “we have touched our souls and become aware of how empty we truly are..” 

We are truly a reflection.  It’s as if we are looking into the dark depths of a pool of a water seeing our reflection.  Touch the surface and the reflection dissolves away instantly.  We are ultimately that.  Despair brings realization of the emptiness of our being in a direct way. 

This realization should bring us great joy.   If what we think of ourselves is merely a reflection, of what do we reflect?   This emptiness we feel is the beginning of the realization  that we are not what we appear to be.  We are something beyond this reflected being.  Despair is a natural response to seeing through the reflection.   It is quite disappointing to see that what we thought was real, was not. 

The empty feeling that despair conjures up is the direct experience that we cannot be satisfied with appearances.  We reflect something greater than we have the power to see.  When I stir up my reflection,  I dissolve the appearance of me.  I am not a permanent being and whatever saddens me, frustrates, me or drives me crazy will not last either. 

 I am aware of strong feelings.  I am aware my feelings of happiness and joy do not last.  Therefore my anger, frustration and sadness cannot last either.  The mountain looms up before my eyes, I cannot imagine a day that it would not be there.  Yet the appearance of it changes every day. 

 I am empty, just like that mountain.

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