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We combine biofeedback technology with the clinical skills of mind body medicine, positive psychology,  and the wisdom traditions of meditation.  We offer a variety of choices utilizing  biofeedback systems, audio and video based training, guided imagery and private training studio options.

Use biofeedback with our unique meditation videos, relaxation audio, and guided journeys for stress reduction, personal and spiritual development, and meditation training.

Whether you are living with a chronic illness or just wish to manage the stress in your life, Mindstream Biofeedback offers a wide range of possibilities.  If you are looking for a new direction in life or guidance in your spiritual journey, combining biofeedback with meditation training can help you discover powerful, personal insights.

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Skin Temperature Biofeedback

Stress Reduction with a simple process”

 Skin Temperature or thermal biofeedback helps improve circulation, reduce stress and expand your ability to relax.  When you purchase our skin temperature monitor, we will send you access to our Private Biofeedback Training Studio where you can learn powerful techniques for stress reduction.   Simple to Use!


  •  Downloadable Biofeedback 101 Training Guide
  •  Relaxation Tracker
  • On-line /downloadable Guided Imagery and  Relaxation Practices in streaming audio.

$45.99 plus $3.00 Shipping/Handling


The Mindstream Biofeedback HRV (emWave)  Private Training Studio

The emWave Desktop Stress Relief system by HeartMath uses heart rate variability biofeedback to help manage stress more effectively.   When you purchase either the desktop or emwave2 handheld system through HeartMath, you can add Mindful Technology’s unique emWave Private Training Studio.   This Studio was designed by Janet Doucette, a biofeedback specialist for over ten years of clinical experience using biofeedback to reduce stress and improve well being.

  Use the Studio to help lower blood pressure, lower anxiety and stress, reduce performance related stress and improve well-being.   When you purchase the Studio option, you will be sent an email containing the access password to the Studio webpage


  • Download the Training Manual
  • Stress Trackers
  • Download the audio techniques
  • Video Training 

$25.00  The Biofeedback HRV (emWave) Private Training Studio Option



Coming Soon! 

Private Training Studio option for the Biofeedback SCL/HRV (with IOM/Grapher)











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