Getting to Gamma

A practical guide to achieving inner peace through the ancient art of meditation utilizing proven therapeutic techniques combined with hard scientific research.
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Ever wondered if meditation could help improve your life? Getting to Gamma offers useful instruction, techniques and insight supported by scientific research on the benefits of this ancient practice. Artfully combining biofeedback and mind-body medicine with practical therapeutic tools, author Janet Ware Doucette teaches readers to cultivate an inner awareness of quiet contemplation. Each chapter immerses the reader deeper into meditation’s innate wisdom while offering effective methods for applying it within daily life.


“An exquisitely written guide for a troubled world. Its flowing narrative, depth and integrity speaks directly to the heart of suffering while offering practices based on both scientific knowledge and timeless wisdom.”


Carla Priest, RN, MSN

Author of Rejoice Regardless

“Getting to Gamma by Janet Doucette is a phenomenal resource, beautifully written with stories, information and advice that the world needs. The exercises in this book will change your life."


Elizabeth Boham MD, MS RD

Medical Director
The UltraWellness Center, Lenox, MA

“Even cutting edge business leaders and brilliant super-achievers can be sidelined by stress. Uncover the secret treasure you didn’t know had been yours all along.”

Diane Dillon

Diane Dillon, PhD

Organizational Psychologist
Educator & Author of Mommy Mantras

Author Bio

Janet Ware Doucette MA LMHC

Janet Ware Doucette is a psychotherapist specializing in mind-body medicine and biofeedback for stress-related illness treatment. Formerly a life management counselor at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, she founded the Mindstream Center in 2014, a digital media studio producing clinical multimedia content for educational applications. She has also offered meditation training to both corporate and private clients for over 20 years.


Why wait for the print edition? Getting to Gamma is available in eBook format to download on your tablet or smartphone! You’ll also gain exclusive access exclusive to companion audio guides for all the chapter exercises.

Getting to Gamma eBook now available for tablets and smartphones
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